A must have iPhone accessory, a review of Sprng Clips

Sprng 006

My ears are unique, and with that I’ve always had problems with earphones just popping out all the time. Recently I decided to purchase an expensive pair of in-earphones with an array of different shapes and sized ear tips. For a while life was better and specifically portable music was more enjoyable. I then upgraded to the iPhone 5, my expensive earphones no longer functioned correctly and I had a nice new pair of Apple EarPods.

The Apple EarPods sounded really great if only they didn’t keep falling out. Most notable was the right EarPod, I just think the tiny in-line controller bears too much weight, allowing gravity to spoil my sonic delights.

Enter Sprng clips!!!

Sprng 005

Sprng clips offer a solution for the countless amount of people who’s ears can not contain the Apple EarPod. For your money you receive two tiny clips that slide or snap onto the Apple EarPods, then a slight dip in the plastic of the clip will hook under your ear’s antihelix and in theory hold the Apple EarPods in place.

But do they work?

The premise was simple and the price tag very appealing. I decided to order. The clips are priced at $10 (USD) and free shipping to Canada and the USA. I paid $2.99 to ship to Australia.

Sprng 003

Within two weeks I had a sleek package arrive, about the size of a promotion DVD. Inside was a very simple cardboard mount holding the tiny box with the two Sprng clips inside, the mount also doubles as an instructional guide for fixing and inserting the Sprng clips

.Sprng 004

Within minutes I had accessoried my Apple EarPods…

Over the last few weeks I’ve put the theory to the test and I’m happy to report that the Sprng clips really do work.

I’ve used my Apple EarPods in a range of activities and have had great results.

Sitting on the train
Lying on the beach
Cycling (a strong headwind only slightly pushed the right EarPod slightly out of my ear canal)
A range of lifting, squatting, twisting and bending movements.

Sprng 007

I’m amazed with the amount of things I’ve been able to do without my Apple EarPods dropping out. For $10 I say it’s a no brainer to purchased the Sprng clips.

A great product around, I wonder if Apple will implement the design prinicincps into the next iteration of their bundled earphones??



2 thoughts on “A must have iPhone accessory, a review of Sprng Clips

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    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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